Średnia pozycja strony w Google

The average ad position indicator will no longer be available in the Google Ads panel. In other words, from October 1, 2019, you will not be able to check the average position of the site as part of ongoing campaigns.

What is the average position of a page ad?

Thanks to the average ad position factor, you could control where on the search results page adwords content is displayed. This position was usually one of the most important indicators reported to clients by campaigners. The average ad position indicator will be available in the Google Ads panel until September. For some accounts, it can be deleted even earlier because Google has set a cut-off date on September 29, 2019.

What instead of an average position?

Instead, Google created two new items:% impressions in top position and% impressions at the top of the page. According to Google, this new data will give a clearer picture of the visibility of ads on the search results page than the average ad position. Google justifies this by providing Google Ads users with even more accurate data on the performance of their ads.

What is it actually about?

As you do not know what exactly, there is always one answer: about money. This is my private opinion. While the previous average position of the site was a reliable indicator, the new indicators will not say much to people outside the industry at the beginning. Why? For example, 10% of the top position views and 40% of the top page views in highly competitive industries, those who are unconsciously oriented will suggest that even more should be spent on campaigns, and de facto the page could display most often on the second and second position in Google , which, combined with the bottom displays, resulted in an average of 3 positions from the top. The effect will be that the fight will intensify, the rates will increase, and this will be shot by people who do not know the specifics of Ads. Apparently, because the page after retiring the page’s average position,

And what about it?

The reports sent to customers will soon appear instead of the average position and the new top% of page views. The second% of impressions in the highest position is not so important because in campaigns we do not fight for exactly the first position. Linking them to the number of clicks and the clickthrough rate CTR can therefore provide us with information on how the campaign really works.

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